The SVP, Finance of Intrexon (NYSE: XON) is Buying Shares

By Carrie Williams

Today, the SVP, Finance of Intrexon (NYSE: XON), Joel Liffman, bought shares of XON for $243.2K.

This recent transaction increases Joel Liffman’s holding in the company by 5.67% to a total of $4.26 million. In addition to Joel Liffman, 2 other XON executives reported Buy trades in the last month.

The company has a one year high of $40.24 and a one year low of $18.52. Currently, Intrexon has an average volume of 1.14M.

Based on 3 analyst ratings, the analyst consensus is Moderate Buy with an average price target of $44.50, reflecting a -36.1% downside. Six different firms, including Griffin and JMP Securities, currently also have a Buy rating on the stock.

The insider sentiment on Intrexon has been positive according to 28 insider trades in the past three months. This sentiment is slightly higher than the average sentiment of company insiders in this sector.

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Intrexon Corp. is a biotechnology company focused on collaborating with companies in health, food, energy and the environment to create biologically based products. The company is engaged in the field of synthetic biology, which is an emerging discipline that applies engineering principles to biological systems. It designs, builds and regulates gene programs, which are DNA sequences that consist of key genetic components by using its suite of proprietary and complementary technologies. The company offers UltraVector proprietary technology platforms for the design, creation, modification, and regulation of complex gene programs and cellular systems at commercial scale; and RTS technology, which provides inducible control over the level and timing of gene expression and is part of an UltraVector library of various diverse modular genetic components. Intrexon was founded by Thomas David Reed in 1998 and is headquartered in Germantown, MD.