The CEO of Zafgen (NASDAQ: ZFGN) is Buying Shares

By George MacDonald

Today, the CEO of Zafgen (NASDAQ: ZFGN), Thomas Hughes, bought shares of ZFGN for $29.9K.

Thomas Hughes increased his holding by 18.54% to a total of $65878.80. In addition to Thomas Hughes, one other ZFGN executive reported Buy trades in the last month.

The company has a one year high of $47.98 and a one year low of $2.90. Currently, Zafgen has an average volume of 213K.

Based on 5 analyst ratings, the analyst consensus is Hold with an average price target of $4.50, reflecting a -33.6% downside. Six different firms, including Canaccord Genuity and Cowen & Co., currently also have a Buy rating on the stock.

Looking at blogger coverage of ZFGN, there is a 88% Bullish tendency on the stock, in relation to an 80% average bullish tendency within the Healthcare sector.

In the last 30 days, insiders have sold $4.44M worth of ZFGN shares and purchased $29.9K worth of ZFGN shares. Over the last 3 months, the insider sentiment on Zafgen has been negative based on 21 corporate insider transactions. This sentiment is lower than the average sector sentiment of insiders.

Zafgen, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company, which is engaged in the developing of anti-obesity therapeutics that restores normal fat metabolism and regulatory pathways. The company’s product: Beloranib, which is under phase 2 clinical development as a treatment for obesity and hyperphagia in Prader-Willi Syndrome, or PW craniopharyngioma-associated obesity. Zafgen was founded on November 22, 2005 and is headquartered in Boston, MA.