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Seaport Global Remains a Hold on Quaker Chemical Corp

Seaport Global analyst Michael Harrison reiterated a Hold rating on Quaker Chemical Corp (NYSE: KWR) yesterday and set a price target of $165. The company’s shares closed yesterday at $155.68. According to, Harrison is a 4-star analyst with an

A Director at Revance Therapeutics (NASDAQ: RVNC) is Buying Shares

Yesterday, a Director at Revance Therapeutics (NASDAQ: RVNC), Philip Vickers, bought shares of RVNC for $98.39K. Following this transaction Philip Vickers’ holding in the company was increased by 150% to a total of $190.7K. In addition to Philip Vickers, 2

The President & CEO of Summit Materials is Exercising Options

Today, the President & CEO of Summit Materials, Thomas W. Hill, exercised options of Summit Materials for $13.9M. The options were close to expired and Thomas W. Hill disposed stocks. Following Thomas W. Hill’s last SUM Sell transaction on April

The President Government Systems of ViaSat (NASDAQ: VSAT) is Buying Shares

Today, the President Government Systems of ViaSat (NASDAQ: VSAT), Ken Allen Peterman, bought shares of VSAT for $133.2K. Following Ken Allen Peterman’s last VSAT Buy transaction on August 16, 2017, the stock climbed by 11.2%. This recent transaction increases Ken

The EVP & CIO of Cobiz Financial Inc (NASDAQ: COBZ) is Selling Shares

Today, the EVP & CIO of Cobiz Financial Inc (NASDAQ: COBZ), David Pass, sold shares of COBZ for $25.26K. In addition to David Pass, 5 other COBZ executives reported Sell trades in the last month. Following David Pass’ last COBZ

The CBO of Xencor Inc is Exercising Options

Today, the CBO of Xencor Inc, Edgardo Baracchini, exercised options of Xencor Inc for $1.24M. Following Edgardo Baracchini’s last XNCR Sell transaction on May 02, 2017, the stock climbed by 6.8%. Based on Xencor Inc’s latest earnings report for the