An Insider at Compass Diversified Holdings (NYSE: CODI) is Buying Shares

By George MacDonald

Yesterday, an Insider at Compass Diversified Holdings (NYSE: CODI), Alan Offenberg, bought shares of CODI for $2,025.

In addition to Alan Offenberg, one other CODI executive reported Buy trades in the last month.

The company has a one year high of $16.33 and a one year low of $9.07. Currently, Compass Diversified Holdings has an average volume of 153.8k.

Three different firms, including Jefferies and Raymond James, currently also have a Buy rating on the stock.

Looking at blogger coverage of CODI, there is a 80% Bullish tendency on the stock, in relation to a 61% average bullish tendency within the Industrial Goods sector.

Over the last 3 months, the insider sentiment on Compass Diversified Holdings has been positive based on 19 corporate insider transactions. This sentiment is slightly higher than the average sector sentiment of insiders.

Compass Diversified Holdings, Inc is a traded fund that invests in small and middle market companies located in North America. The fund focuses on companies with minimum EBITDA of $10 million, highly defensible positions in their markets, strong management teams, and growth potential. It targets companies operating in the fields of industrial & branded consumer industries. It acquires a controlling interest and also makes co-investments. It provides financing in the form of debt & equity for MBO’s and acquisitions with a transaction size of $75 – $500 million.