The Pres, Epoxy & International of Olin Corp (NYSE: OLN) is Buying Shares

By Carrie Williams

Today, the Pres, Epoxy & International of Olin Corp (NYSE: OLN), Dawson Pat, bought shares of OLN for $450.6K.

Following this transaction Dawson Pat D’s holding in the company was increased by 100%. Following Dawson Pat D’s last OLN Buy transaction on February 16, 2016, the stock climbed by 9.9%.

Based on Olin Corp’s latest earnings report for the quarter ending September 30, the company posted quarterly revenue of $1.45 billion and quarterly net profit of $17.5 million. In comparison, last year the company earned revenue of $534 million and had a net profit of $5.9 million. The company has a one year high of $26.46 and a one year low of $12.29. Currently, Olin Corp has an average volume of 394.9K.

Six different firms, including Cowen & Co. and Monness, currently also have a Buy rating on the stock.

The insider sentiment on Olin Corp has been neutral according to 35 insider trades in the past three months. This sentiment is slightly lower than the average sentiment of company insiders in this sector.

Olin Corp. engages in manufacturing of chemicals products. The company operates through there business segments: Chlor Alkali Products and Vinyls, Epoxy and Winchester. The Chlor Alkali and Vinyls segment manufactures and sells chlorine and caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen, bleach products and potassium hydroxide. The Epoxy segment produces and sells epoxy materials, which includes allyl chloride, epichlorohydrin, liquid epoxy resins and downstream products such as converted epoxy resins and additives. The Winchester segment manufactures sporting ammunition, reloading components, small caliber military ammunition and components and industrial cartridges. Olin was founded by Franklin W. Olin in 1892 and is headquartered in Clayton, MO.