A Director at Syntel (NASDAQ: SYNT) is Buying Shares

By Carrie Williams

Today, a Director at Syntel (NASDAQ: SYNT), Paritosh Choksi, bought shares of SYNT for $389.8K.

Following this transaction Paritosh Choksi’s holding in the company was increased by 27.76% to a total of $1.36 million. In addition to Paritosh Choksi, 4 other SYNT executives reported Buy trades in the last month.

The company has a one year high of $33.01 and a one year low of $18. Currently, Syntel has an average volume of 579.9K.

Based on 6 analyst ratings, the analyst consensus is Hold with an average price target of $31.75, reflecting a -38.9% downside. Five different firms, including Barrington and Maxim Group, currently also have a Buy rating on the stock.

In the last 30 days, insiders have sold $51.69K worth of SYNT shares and purchased $389.8K worth of SYNT shares. The insider sentiment on Syntel has been negative according to 36 insider trades in the past three months. This sentiment is lower than the average sentiment of company insiders in this sector.

Paritosh Choksi’s trades have generated a -23.6% average return based on past transactions. DailyInsider proprietary algorithm detects trades by the most influential insiders and selects attractive trading opportunities daily. To subscribe to the DailyInsider visit this page.

Syntel, Inc. engages in the provision of digital transformation, information technology and knowledge process outsourcing services. It operates through the following segments: Banking and Financial Services; Healthcare and Life Sciences; Insurance; Manufacturing; and Retail, Logistics and Telecom. The Banking and Financial Services segment assists clients in such areas such as: cards and payments, retail banking, wholesale banking, consumer lending, risk management, investment banking, reconciliations, fraud analysis, mobile banking, and compliance and securities services. The Healthcare and Life Sciences segment focuses on providing a range of services and solutions to the industry to address regulatory requirements and emerging industry trends such as: integrated care, wider use of Electronic Health Records, and healthcare banking. The Insurance segment offers assistance in improving efficiency and effectiveness of the customers operations and in achieving business transformation. The Manufacturing segment provides business consulting and technology services. The Retail, Logistics, and Telecom segment serves a wide spectrum of retailers and distributors, including supermarkets, specialty premium retailers, department stores, and large mass merchandise discounters who seek assistance in becoming more efficient and cost-effective in helping to drive business transformation. The company was founded by Bharat Desai and Neerja Sethi on April 15, 1980 and is headquartered in Troy, MI.